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The AMBER Alert plan has been expanded in Utah to include electronic roadway signs (See maps of UDOT electronic signs and AMBER Alert business sign locations), pagers and other methods to alert the public. It has proven to be an effective way to quickly inform the public about serious child abduction cases. Utah’s AMBER Alert Plan is tested each year on January 13 and August 26 to make sure the alerts are immediate and effective. Our goal is to instantly galvanize the entire community to assist in the search for and safe return of abducted children.

The AMBER Alert is part of the nationwide AMBER Plan, a voluntary partnership between law-enforcement agencies and broadcasters. The plan utilizes the Emergency Alert System and other means to notify the public about a missing child and a suspected abductor. The child abduction alert was originally called the Rachael Alert in Utah.


AMBER Alert Summary

Utah AMBER Alert Plan

What the Public Should Do in Case of an AMBER Alert

What a Law Enforcement Officer Should Do to Initiate an AMBER Alert

What a Law Enforcement Officer Should Do to Initiate an Endangered Person Advisory

What a Law Enforcement Officer Shoud Do to Initiate a Blue Alert

What a Broadcaster Should Do During An AMBER Alert

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Forms & Questionnaires:

Utah Amber Alert Law Enforcement Form

Endangered Missing Advisory Form

Utah Endangered Person Advisory Law Enforcement Form

Blue Alert Protocol Form

Blue Alert Field Form

AMBER Alert Training Questionnaire

Utah AMBER Alert History

Utah AMBER Alert Brochure


AMBER Alert Poster for Law Enforcement

AMBER Alert Poster for Media

Endangered Person Advisory Poster for Law Enforcement

Endangered Person Advisory Poster for Media


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