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Utah Attorney General
Attorney General
Sean D. Reyes
Utah Office of the Attorney General
  • Woman Convicted of Six Felonies for Financially Exploiting Vulnerable Individuals
    July 18, 2024 SALT LAKE CITY‒On Tuesday, Janine McCauley was sentenced to two consecutive prison terms of one to fifteen years in the Third District Court for financially exploiting 76 [...]
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  • The Taberon Honie Death Sentence Case
    July 17, 2024 In this edition of Legally Speaking, we examine the legal issues surrounding Taberon Honie’s death sentence, which is set to be carried out August 8, 2024. Honie has been [...]
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  • AG’s Office Shares Resources Available to Consumers Following the Change Healthcare Cyberattack
    July 16, 2024 SALT LAKE CITY—The Utah Attorney General’s Office is sharing consumer protection reminders and raising awareness about the availability of free credit monitoring and [...]
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  • Utah and a 26-State Coalition Support Religious Liberty Before U.S. Supreme Court
    July 15, 2024 SALT LAKE CITY – Utah Attorney General Sean D. Reyes joined a coalition of 26 states that filed a brief Friday before the U.S. Supreme Court opposing the Hillsborough County [...]
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