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Highways & Utilities

The Highways & Utilities Division represents and provides legal advice to the Utah Department of Transportation in the following areas:  eminent domain actions (condemnation), real estate transactions, leases, property valuation, property encroachments, right-of-way boundary and access disputes, easements (construction, access, utility, light, air and view), exactions and dedications, construction disputes, construction contracts, debarments and suspension of contractors, relocation assistance, billboards/outdoor advertising regulation, junkyard regulation, ski lifts/ropeway/tram regulation, rulemaking and all aspects of motion and trial practice.

In addition, Highways & Utilities represents the Division of Public Utilities and the Office of Consumer Services to help ensure that public utilities only charge reasonable rates and provide efficient services.
The division also serves as agency counsel to the Utah Department of Public Safety on a variety of matters such as law enforcement, peace officer certification, driver licensing, criminal history records, fire prevention, emergency response, forensics and highway safety.

Finally, the Division advises and represents the Utah Transit Authority in a variety of matters involving public transit including complex civil litigation, capital improvement projects, procurement, federal grant compliance, property acquisition and management, transit-oriented development partnerships, police operations, agreements for enhanced access to public transit by disadvantaged persons and legal support for the Board of Trustees and its Local Advisory Council.