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The mission of the Investigations Division is to identify, apprehend and prosecute violations of the criminal laws of the State of Utah and the United States through professional investigation of criminal complaints.

The Investigations Division may investigate the following:

  • Complex white-collar and financial crimes
  • Public corruption
  • General fraud
  • Child abuse and exploitation, which includes sex abuse, physical abuse, homicide and child pornography
  • Cybercrime, internet fraud and identity theft
  • Difficult crimes associated with closed societies
  • Criminal environmental complaints
  • Antitrust complaints
  • Significant street crime, including homicide, aggravated assault, and sex crimes where a local authority requests our involvement

This division provides investigative support to the prosecutors of the Criminal Enforcement Division on prosecution referrals. The Investigations Division also receives referrals from the Grand Jury Panel of Judges to conduct investigations to determine if sufficient cause exists to convene a state grand jury.

The Investigations Division oversees investigations for:

All investigators are POST certified state peace officers.

In order to comply with Utah Code Annotated §76-2-408, the Law Enforcement Officer Involved Critical Incident Investigative Protocol has been established to provide uniform procedures and mutually agreed-upon guidelines. The goal and purpose of the Protocol is to ensure every investigation of an Officer Involved Critical Incident (OICI) is conducted professionally, thoroughly, and impartially. You may view the Protocol here: OICI Investigative Protocol.