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AG Reyes Featured Speaker to National and International Credit and Collection Businesses

Attorney General Sean Reyes Highlights how Attorneys General throughout the U.S. Protect Consumers and Good Business Practices at National Credit and Collection Conference

SALT LAKE CITY (April 16, 2015) — Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes was a featured speaker at the 10th Annual Credit and Collection News Conference in California today. The annual conference advises national and international credit and collection companies on up-to-date government regulations, consumer finance issues, and privacy. AG Reyes spoke about the role of Attorneys General throughout the nation and the key factors to understand when doing business in each state.

“State by state regulations differ greatly depending on localized industry, economy, and multiple other factors. Because of this, it is critical that national and international companies understand that as a whole, Attorneys General highly prioritize consumer protection against bad business practices,” said Attorney General Sean Reyes. “The good news for the law abiding companies, many attending the conference, is that we also prioritize protecting good businesses. When government oversight is done correctly and ethically, investors are protected, legitimate businesses flourish, and malfeasors are held accountable.”

AG Reyes drew from his experiences as Utah’s Attorney General by giving examples of day-to-day meetings and case work. He said, “Utah’s close-knit communities, low crime rate, and independent nature sometimes leads to a perspective that government regulation stifles growth, when in reality careful regulatory oversight actually levels the playing field for all businesses and leads to greater success for those who play by the rules.”

Conference attendees include TransUnion, Toyota Financial Services, the Federal Trade Commission, Citi, Discover Card, Bank of America, and eBay.

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