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AG Reyes Joins Coalition of States in Lawsuit Against President Biden’s Changes to Title IX Rule

SALT LAKE CITY—Attorney General Sean D. Reyes joined a coalition of states led by Kansas Attorney General Kris Kobach in a lawsuit opposing President Biden’s changes to Title IX, the law designed to create opportunities for students in education and athletics.

Attorney General Sean D. Reyes stated:

“This is the very definition of improper and illegal federal coercion.

Holding a sword over school districts, without Supreme Court or other legal precedent and in the absence of Congressional authority, the current administration once again bypasses America’s democratic process and threatens to defund schools that do not bend to its dictates.

The policy is so extreme, both progressives and conservatives seem largely united in opposition to the rule as it attempts to force a redefinition of gender on schools in America. In doing so, the Biden Department of Education vastly overreaches and defies common sense, rendering Title IX much less protective of women and girls in athletics and unraveling decades of gains in women’s sports.”

In addition to Kansas and Utah, attorneys general from Alaska and Wyoming joined the lawsuit.

Read the filing here.