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AG Reyes Applauds Supreme Court Ruling on Chevron Doctrine

As Chairman of the Republican Attorneys General Association, this is a very proud day. 

We argued as a coalition of states in multiple amicus briefs that the Chevron Doctrine
desperately needed to be reviewed and overturned.

The United States Supreme Court listened and today issued a historic order of course

My team and I in Utah laud SCOTUS for reversing a forty-year error. As I have oft stated, the
Chevron doctrine has been one of the most dangerous threats to the individual liberties of
Americans because it allowed federal agencies to bypass Congressional prerogative and the
will of the People.

It gave vast, and at times, seemingly unending powers to unelected bureaucrats who had no
direct accountability to the People or its representatives in Congress.

Chevron was weaponized by activist courts and wielded by federal agencies to grow big
government and promote partisan interests at the expense of personal freedoms and local
control from states.

With no democratic recourse, federal bureaucracies could blatantly disregard the will or intent of
Congress under the guise of ambiguity, while ignoring local or state laws and furthering their
own political agendas or personal interests.

Utah Attorney General Sean D. Reyes

Read the full decision here.