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AG Reyes Welcome Statewide Children’s Justice Center Workers

May 16, 2023

Today at the statewide Children’s Justice Center conference, Utah Attorney General Sean D. Reyes thanked the hundreds of dedicated employees for their work with young victims of crime and sexual assault. 

Children’s Justice Centers (CJC) provide a safe child-friendly space for children to receive services during the child abuse and neglect investigative process. This year, the Utah Legislature approved the largest funding increase since CJCs were established in 1994–$3.2 million ongoing and $5.1 million at one time. Legislators agreed that the work that professionals at the center do is crucial to avoiding additional trauma for a child who is the victim of abuse.  

This year, the Legislature also added CJC forensic interviewers and advocates to the list of first responders in the state, allowing them to qualify for mental health services to deal with the stress and pain of their jobs. 

The Utah Attorney General’s Office also works with law enforcement agencies across the state to provide support for families of victims as the often difficult legal process plays out.  

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