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Attorney General Reyes Honors Support Staff

SALT LAKE CITY, UT – The Utah Attorney General’s Office honored their unsung heroes this week at the Matheson Courthouse in a new meeting entitled Chaos Coordinating 101 for 2024. Although often overlooked, the AGO understands the importance of its support staff and their contributions to office success. 

To recognize their ongoing efforts, the meeting focused on supporting professional and personal growth. Three speakers presented information on personality types, leadership, effective communication, emotional intelligence, personal health and wellbeing, and office procedures – capped off by a message from AG Reyes and a catered lunch. During this time, everyone enjoyed relaxing, learning something new, and fostering peer fellowship.

During the meeting, AG Reyes shared a few personal stories ending with these thoughts:

It’s been … my absolute privilege to serve with you. Thank you for what you do. I hope something that I’ve shared today might inspire you to continue to do what you do for the people of Utah with passion, excitement, enthusiasm and love. Thank you so much!

Regardless of position, the AGO would like to recognize support staff for their essential contributions and deeply appreciates their continued efforts on behalf of all Utahns.