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Arizona Man Charged With Improperly Collecting Signatures for Primary Elections

Yesterday, the Utah Attorney General’s office charged Timothy Francis Mooney for improperly paying two individuals to gather signatures in the second congressional district primary election ahead of the July 5, 2023, deadline.

The two charges, Violation of Certificate of Nomination Procedures, are Class A misdemeanors. According to the Utah Election Code, compensation cannot be paid directly based on the number of signatures submitted to filing officers. Evidence shows that Mooney agreed to pay $16 per gross signature rather than an hourly rate or per verified signature.

Earlier this year, the Utah Lieutenant Governor requested an investigation based on evidence of a violation of the Utah Election Code, which forbids paying to circulate a nomination petition based on the gross number of signatures submitted to a filing officer.

A continuing investigation is underway into those who received payments to gather signatures.

Read the Information document here.