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Judge Lindberg Narrows Filed of Potential Trustees for UEP Trust

Feb. 12, 2014 – Judge Denise Posse Lindberg of the Third Judicial District Court released a list of finalists seeking appointment to a Board of Trustees for the United Effort Plan Trust.  The application process was formed after the Court granted a joint motion brought by the Special Fiduciary, the Utah Attorney General’s Office, and the Arizona Attorney General’s Office last summer.  The final Board of Trustees will be made up of five, seven or nine members pursuant to Judge Lindberg’s decision.  She retains the discretion to deny the necessity for a Board.
The Court has narrowed the candidate pool to the following individuals:
Gregory Barlow
Jethro Barlow
Deloy Bateman
Margaret Cooke
M. Jvar Dutson
Holly Ernest
Sheleigh Harding
Thomas A. Holm
Michael Hughes
Willie Jessop
Arnold Richter
Lane Ronnow
Don Timpson

The public is encouraged to comment on any or all of the individuals listed as potential Trustees by sending comments to:
Judge Denise P. Lindberg
Matheson Courthouse
450 South State Street
Salt Lake City, UT  84020

Comments will be accepted for seven days after official notice of the finalists is published. Upon conclusion of the comment period, the Court will arrange personal interviews in convenient locations around Utah and will announce next steps after candidates are evaluated.