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Markets & Financial Fraud

The skilled professionals of the Markets and Financial Fraud Division (MFFD) work to protect Utah citizens and businesses from a wide range of financial crimes and civil offenses.  The division consists of three parts:  The Antitrust and Market Fraud Section, the Mortgage and Financial Fraud Unit, and the Medicaid Fraud Control Unit.  MFFD includes a dedicated staff of attorneys, investigators, financial analysts, paralegals, and support personnel.  MFFD was created by Attorney General Reyes to bring together expertise in these related areas in a way that promotes efficiency and effectiveness in enforcing laws that protect Utah citizens and businesses from unfair competition and fraud.

Antitrust and Market Fraud Section (AMFS)

AMFS protects Utah consumers and businesses from unfair competition.  It enforces federal and state antitrust laws and related laws that help to keep the free market competitive.  AMFS promotes fair competition by challenging monopolistic behavior and conspiracies to restrain trade or commerce, and mergers that may have anti-competitive effects in Utah markets.  In addition to enforcing those areas of law locally, AMFS works closely with federal agencies and with other states’ antitrust units to solve national and regional problems.  AMFS also protects small Utah businesses from patent trolling and enforces violations of state procurement laws.

Mortgage and Financial Fraud Unit (MFFU)

MFFU protects Utah citizens by vigorously prosecuting many varieties of white collar crime, including mortgage fraud, securities fraud, communications fraud, affinity fraud, general consumer fraud, and other fraudulent conduct that threatens Utah consumers and businesses. MFFU aggressively prosecutes fraud perpetrated against the most vulnerable citizens of Utah, in particular the elderly.  MFFU works closely with many state and federal agencies to accomplish its goals. MFFU prosecutions can range from cases involving a single victim and a small loss to sophisticated schemes with hundreds of victims and millions of dollars in lost money and assets. MFFU regularly monitors and enforces all restitution orders against those people the unit convicts, and very year the unit returns substantial amounts of restitution to victims of these crimes.

Medicaid Fraud Control Unit (MFCU)

MFCU investigates and prosecutes fraud by providers of medical services, products, and drugs that affect Medicaid, including cases of patient abuse and neglect.  It works to lower medical and drug costs for all Utah consumers and employers by challenging fraudulent practices that result in over-payments to Medicaid.  Cases can range from participating in national lawsuits against drug companies that conspire to limit competition for generic drugs, to local prosecutions of doctors and facilities that charge Medicaid for services that were not actually provided to the patient.

To report Medicaid Fraud, please call 855-403-7283 or email

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