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Statement on Former AG Charges

Attorney General SEAN D. REYES Official Statement on Former Attorneys General Charges

July 15, 2014 — “This is a difficult day in the long and distinguished history of the office of the Utah Attorney General. Sadly, two men who served as leaders of our office have been charged with crimes alleged to have taken place during their administrations. I do not prejudge them and fully recognize that every defendant is entitled to the presumption of innocence. Neither do I defend or condone any of the alleged conduct. I have faith in our judicial system and confidence that, ultimately, justice will be served. I encourage the public to have patience and confidence in the process as well.

While our office will continue to cooperate with agencies investigating and prosecuting these cases, my chief concern today is to recognize the hundreds of outstanding public servants who work as attorneys, staff, and investigators in the Utah Attorney General’s Office. Each is diligently working to do the people’s business with excellence and great professionalism. They could be earning much higher salaries in the private sector but choose to serve the people of Utah, often without the positive acknowledgement they deserve. The House Special Investigators took great care to recognize and draw distinction between the professionals in the Utah Attorney General’s Office and any allegations or conclusions regarding former office-holders.

Since my appointment in late December, my new executive team and many respected leaders throughout our office have worked unceasingly to create a culture change and restore public trust. Today, the Utah Attorney General’s Office has new and renewed leadership teams throughout the Criminal, Civil and Appellate Departments. Divisions and sections have been refocused and even reorganized based on exhaustive research and careful assessment. The professionals on our team will continue to roll up our sleeves, stay hard at work, and defend the laws of our state while protecting Utah citizens and businesses against violent crime and white collar fraud.

Despite strong and differing opinions, and valid disagreement regarding important cases we are handling on behalf of the State, one area where all Utahns can agree is the need for the highest level of integrity in public service. We have and will continue to implement policies, protocols, and practices that demand such an elevated standard for the Attorney General’s Office.”