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A Tribute to The Bill of Rights

In the summer of 1787, the founding fathers of this nation wrote the United States Constitution. In so doing, they instituted a new federal system and national government and founded one of the greatest nations on the earth. In an effort to protect American citizens from potential abuse of governmental power, our forefathers added ten amendments to the Consitution, known as the Bill of Rights. 

The purpose of the Bill of Rights? To safeguard individual liberties and keep the power of government balanced between the federal and state or local levels.  

We at the Utah Attorney General’s Office work to protect these principles laid out for us by our founding fathers. We are grateful for their foresight to ensure our individual liberties would be protected since the founding of this country.

Today, we are reminded of the freedoms given to us by the Bill of Rights. We reaffirm our commitment to defend the Constitution and the Bill of Rights from any who would seek to take them away. 

To read the Bill of Rights, click here:

To read the Consitution of the United States, click here: