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Internet Safety Awareness Month

June 17, 2020

The past couple months, the Utah Attorney General’s Office has placed an emphasis on remaining safe online as telecommuting became the new normal and children began accessing the internet more for online classes and for entertainment while we practiced social distancing protocols. Even as the state begins to open up and restrictions loosen, it is imperative to remain diligent with staying safe online, whether it is with gaming platforms, online shopping, online meetings, or accessing the internet through a phone. June is Internet Awareness Month and with children out of classes and workspaces moved to online settings, it is more important than ever to familiarize yourself and your loved ones with safe internet practices.

Brush up on important online safety tips with the resources below:

  • Keep your children safe online by following these tips. While accessing the internet to stay connected with friends and family is convenient, internet-accessible devices also create pathways for predators to reach your children. Read the tips in the link above to help teach your children online safety practices and stay up to date on things you should look out for while your family uses the internet.
  •  Use the tips outlined here to stay safe while telecommuting and using online meeting software. This software is convenient for holding meetings, classes, or connecting with friends and family. However, it is imperative that you stay aware and use online security tips and software to help prevent your video call from being hijacked.
  • The Utah Attorney General’s Office is proud to partner with organizations and community partners that provide up to date resources on online safety. We are proud to partner with Digital Respons-Ability, an organization that provides training for you and your children and online safety resources to help keep your family safe.
  • The Utah Department of Commerce recently launched the Utah Fraud Squad in an effort to help you avoid COVID-19 and stimulus scams. Check out their website for the latest in these scams: