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Utah AG Hosts National Conference of Medicaid Fraud Control Units


Sept. 15, 2014 — The Utah Attorney General’s Office is hosting the National Training Conference of the National Association of Medicaid Fraud Control Units (NAMFCU) this week, Sept. 15-18, 2014, at the Sheraton Hotel in downtown Salt Lake City. The conference will feature training and discussions with state and federal regulators and specialists in the area of Medicaid Fraud and Patient Abuse and Neglect.  Attorney General Sean Reyes welcomed NAMFCU members from all 50 states to Utah this morning with a welcome message and ongoing challenge to work together in overcoming Medicaid fraud throughout the United States.

“One of the vital safety nets for Utah citizens and all Americans is the the Medicaid System. Our office is pleased to host this important national training with best practices to curtail the multi-million dollar annual loss to fraudulent practices in Utah and the U.S.,” stated Attorney General Sean Reyes. “The Utah Attorney General’s Medicaid Fraud Unit under the direction of Robert Steed is highly regarded as a national leader in overcoming fraudulent practices to ensure that finite resources are retained for qualifying citizens.” Reyes added.

Medicaid Fraud Control Units are found in each state and serve as the law enforcement arm of the Medicaid System. States must employ a fraud unit to qualify for federal support of the Medicaid program unless the state certifies that a fraud unit is not necessary in their individual state.

According to Director Robert Steed of the Utah Attorney General’s Medicaid Fraud Control Unit, over 250 people will attend the conference from across the country to learn more about fraud prevention and how to safeguard our most vulnerable citizens. “We have a very specific and important mission,” said Steed. “Every dollar lost to fraud and every patient abused, neglected or exploited is a serious matter and we exist to combat it.”

The Medicaid Fraud Control Unit as part of the Utah Attorney General’s Office has established an excellent track record of protecting vulnerable victims as well as recovering millions of dollars to the State Medicaid program.