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Xtreme Pawn


The STATE OF UTAH gives notice to any person claiming an interest in certain property (“The Property”) described as:

Twenty-seven thousand seven hundred and eighty dollars and sixty-five cents in US currency in Mountain America Credit Union account ending in 0622; Eight hundred thirty-seven dollars and eleven cents in US currency in Mountain America Credit Union account ending in 6691; One thousand sixty-two dollars and fifty-eight cents in US currency in PayPal account ending in 0001 (account also used by Sportsmans Fastcash); Six thousand seven hundred twenty-six and sixty-nine cents in PayPal account ending in 1013; Five thousand six hundred and seventy-six dollars and ninety-three cents in US currency from Kearns cash register; Fifteen thousand six hundred and sixty-three dollars in US currency from West Jordan cash register; Two thousand five hundred and seven dollars and sixty-six cents in US currency from Riverton cash register; Three thousand six hundred and eighty seven dollars in US currency from Lindon cash register; and all property included in the inventory attached hereto as Exhibit A; (See full list of inventory at URL:

On August 31, 2018, the State of Utah filed a Complaint for Civil Forfeiture in the Third Judicial Court Judge for Salt Lake County, Salt Lake Department, State of Utah, the Honorable Su Chon is assigned, Case No. 180906372 forfeiting The Property to the State of Utah. 

If you have a claim to The Property you may file an Answer with the Third Judicial District Court, Matheson Courthouse, 450 S. State Street, Salt Lake City, UT 84111 – Case No. 180906372.  Any petition served upon the court must also be served to Steven A. Wuthrich and Janise K. Macanas, Utah Attorney General’s Office, 5272 S. College Drive, Suite 200, Murray, UT 84123. Any claim you may have to The Property will be waived if you fail to petition the court according to the procedures outlined in Utah Code Ann. § 24-4 et seq. within thirty (30) days of this notice.

Xtreme Pawn Summons

Final Xtreme Pawn Complaint for Forfeiture

Exhibit A to Complaint