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SECURE Strike Force Arrests Two Men, Seizes Drugs and Weapons

July 17, 2020

The Utah Attorney General’s Office SECURE Strike Force arrested two men following an investigation into a house that was known for drug and weapons transactions.

For the past 90 days, the SECURE Strike Force had been keeping surveillance on a house at 1344 W 700 South in Salt Lake City. During the investigation, undercover cops were able to buy guns and weapons from the house.

During an overnight raid, Raul Gambino Montreal, 42, and Juan Rios-Mandujano, 51, were arrested and two stolen handguns along with methamphetamine and suboxone were seized from the house.

Montreal was arrested for investigation of possession of a weapon by a restricted person, transaction of a weapon by a restricted person, drug distribution in a drug-free zone and drug possession.Rios-Mandujano was arrested for investigation of two counts of drug possession with intent to distribute, two counts of possession of a weapon by a restricted person and transaction of a weapon by a restricted person.


Man Arrested for Attempting to Extort Wealthy Utah Businessman

April 17, 2020


SALT LAKE CITY – Utah Attorney General’s Office investigators arrested a man on Wednesday for attempting to extort a wealthy Utah businessman. He was charged with Attempted Theft by Extortion, a third-degree felony, in the Third District Court.
30-year-old Jonathan Howard Robb contacted the victim, identified as T.M. in charging documents, in April claiming to be a former friend, and threatened to post unflattering information about T.M. on social media unless he was given $500,000. Robb proceeded to post some of the information on his Instagram page.
T.M. sent private messages to Robb to stop and threatened to contact legal authorities, which Robb refused. The information posted was untrue but T.M. claimed it could damage his reputation and business.
Attorney General investigators arranged a sting operation with the guise that T.M. would pay $50,000 to Robb, which ultimately resulted in Robb’s arrest.
View the probable cause statement here.