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Modern-day Prometheans: AG Reyes on technology regulation

October, 26, 2018

This week, the Legal Executive Institute highlighted Attorney General Sean D. Reyes’ philosophy on the role government in the technology sector, and it is refreshing. 

With a background on the business side of technology, running a venture fund, and having served as general counsel for a small tech firm in Utah, AG Reyes believes that regulation and consumer protection does not have to come at the cost of innovation. 

Here’s an excerpt: 

“If we can keep government as a catalyst to draw on the awesome power of the private sector, the education community, NGOs, the non-profit and for-profit world, and corral all of those resources toward a solution that is best,” he says. “Government works best, especially in my state of Utah, when it is a primer for facilitating, guiding, and orienting those who are better fit to solve problems.” However, when government, which is not inherently efficient, tries to be the answer to every problem — and it doesn’t matter if it’s federal, state, or local government — it starts to metastasize and becomes counterproductive, he explains.” 

Read the full article here:




Photo by Carlos Irineu da Costa