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Utah Attorney General’s Office Launches New ID Theft Central Website The Public is Invited to Report, Repair and Find Resources to Combat ID Theft

SALT LAKE CITY (Feb 26, 2015) — The Utah Attorney General’s office today announced a comprehensive resource for citizens of all ages to combat identity theft. ID Theft Central found on the web at is a free portal to resources and registries. The site offers a free Child Identity Protection registry. Parents can enroll their children to receive years of identity theft protection. In addition, identity theft can be reported online through the Identity Theft Reporting Information System. ID Theft Central also leads citizens to Track My Case, Victim Assistance and Resources, and Identity Theft Crime Mapping. Over 100 Utah law enforcement agencies participate in the Utah ID Theft Central program.

Found on the ID Theft Central website, a recent study by Carnegie Mellon CyLab Distinguished Fellow Richard Power reports that over 10 percent of children had someone else using their Social Security number – 51 times higher than the 0.2 percent rate for adults in the same population. The Utah Attorney General’s Office is combating the problem in preventive ways at and by investigating and prosecuting felony cases against identity fraud mills in Utah through the Attorney General’s SECURE Strike Force. Information on both can be found at

The three R’s of ID Theft Central are:

  • Report – Using smart technologies, Utah consumers can conveniently report identity theft online. Each report is automatically delivered to the victim’s local law enforcement agency. Citizens of Utah who report a crime at ID Theft Central receive an Identity Theft Incident Report, Affidavit, and law enforcement Case Number. All of which can be used to help clear up the damage caused by an identity theft.

  • Repair – Each person who reports a crime at ID Theft Central receive Victim Assistance instructions that walk them step-by-step through the repair process. Instructions are customized for each type of identity theft, and include instructions to set up Fraud Alerts with the three credit reporting companies for protection against identity theft.

  • Resource – ID Theft Central is the only website where parents can enroll their children in a Child Identity Protection program at no cost, receive continued protection from TransUnion until each child achieves the age of 17, and their kids are automatically removed from the program.

ID Theft Central provides free web-based services for Utah citizens to Report, Repair and Protect against identity theft. For more information about ID Theft Central, visit  For more information about the Utah Attorney General’s office, visit  The Utah Attorney General’s office thanks the law enforcement agencies participating in the ID Theft Central program.


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