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Additional Resources on Digital Safety for Parents

April 23, 2020

Earlier this month, the Utah Attorney General’s Office released online safety tips for parents during the COVID-19 crisis to help keep children safe while they access the internet more than normal while attending online classrooms and keeping in touch with friends in a socially distant environment. These tips included keeping an open dialogue with your children about online safety, being aware of the apps and internet sites your children frequent, and understanding the behavioral changes to look out for in your children that may indicate abuse, cyberbullying, or grooming by a predator.

Organizations with a primary focus on online safety, such as Digital Respons-Ability, provide up to date resources and training for you and your children. Digital Respons-Ability recently released additional resources for parents to help refresh on digital citizenship and help you create family plans for digital technology usage. These resources include:

For more information, contact Digital Respons-Ability at