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Utah AG Joins Coalition Supporting FTC Identity Rules

February 14, 2019



SALT LAKE CITY – On Friday, Utah Attorney General Sean D. Reyes joined a coalition of 31 attorneys general and sent a letter to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) urging the FTC to continue its Identity Theft Rules, which were originally adopted in November 2007. The letter cites the proliferation of identity theft in many states, and the growth in technology since the rules were adopted.

“Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in the United States of America and one of the most disruptive and damaging to victims’ lives,” said Attorney General Reyes. “The Utah Attorney General’s Office-led SECURE Strike Force focuses tremendous resources on protecting the identities of Utah. We ask the FTC to do the same.”

The current rules require certain financial institutions and businesses that grant credit or issue debit or credit cards to take steps to detect, prevent and mitigate identify theft by implementing reasonable safeguards. The letter also suggests adding a requirement that a cardholder must be notified by email or cell phone if an email address or cell phone number is changed. This is in addition to the existing requirement to mail notification upon change of account address. The attorneys general also ask that suspicious account activity include account access by new and previously unknown devices and repeated unsuccessful access attempts.

David Sonnenreich from the Tax & Financial Services Division of the Utah Attorney General’s Office said, “Identity theft is a serious and rapidly growing problem that harms our citizens both financially and emotionally, and that increases costs for our businesses. Since 2007 the FTC’s ‘Red Flag’ and ‘Card Issuer’ rules have provided critical early warnings of identity theft to businesses and consumers and have helped to stop countless fraudsters in their tracks when they try to use stolen personal information. However, as cyberthieves become more sophisticated, we need to adopt better responses.”

Attorney General Reyes joined the Attorneys General of Alaska, California, Colorado, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Delaware, Hawaii, Iowa, Illinois, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Maryland, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, North Carolina, Nebraska, New Jersey, New Mexico, Nevada, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Virginia, Vermont, Washington, and Wisconsin in signing this letter.



A copy of the letter can be found here:

Utah man charged with 4 felony counts of forgery

UPDATED December 12, 2018: It was initially reported that Francisco Daniel Partida Soto was charged with 30 counts of second-degree felony forgery. However, he has actually been charged with 4 counts of forgery and producing false identification all of which are second-degree felonies.

December 10, 2018

The Utah Attorney General’s SECURE Strike Force arrested Francisco Daniel Partida Soto for manufacturing and distributing fraudulent identification documents.

An undercover investigation reported the purchase of forged Social Security cards and a Green Card through the mail. Agents were able to make an additional transaction in person, receiving 30 Green Cards and Social Security cards, at which point Soto was arrested. 

Francisco Daniel Partida Soto has been charged with 30 counts of second-degree felony forgery. 

For the full story, check out the coverage below. 

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St. George News: Strike force arrests man in St. George for selling fake Social Security, green cards

The Utah Attorney General’s Office administers and coordinates the SECURE Strike Force partnership with the Utah Department of Public Safety and county, federal, and city law enforcement agencies to combat violent and other major felony crimes associated with illegal immigration and human trafficking.