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Attorney General Reyes Honors Brighton Cheerleader for Saving Fellow Student

February 12, 2020

Last night at a Brighton High School Senior basketball game, Utah Attorney General Sean D. Reyes honored a Brighton High School Cheerleader Kennady Kasteler for saving the life of a fellow student using CPR at a recent Junior Jazz basketball game.

A couple weeks ago, Kennady noticed some of her friends crying on an adjacent basketball court during the basketball game at Eastmont Middle School. People started asking for help, and it was clear that someone was in trouble.

Kennady, who is a certified lifeguard, realized a young male classmate was having a seizure. The boy had stopped breathing and was turning an ashy color. Kennady started chest compressions (CPR) and created circulation in the young man’s body. Soon, color returned to his face and he started breathing just as medical personnel arrived.

Kennady showed incredible bravery and quick-thinking during that time. We commend her heroic actions and are grateful for the well-being of the student she saved.