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AGO Executes Search Warrants in Major Statewide Gambling-Device Enterprise

SALT LAKE CITY March 2, 2017 – The Utah Attorney General’s Office (AGO) announced today that AGO investigators, in a joint operation with local, state, and federal law enforcement partners, executed warrants to seize evidence of an alleged statewide enterprise related to illegal gambling machines. The operation identified over an estimated 500 machines or more at over 130 locations across the state.  Tips about illegal gambling devices were reported by citizens to legislators, Utah Senator Curt Bramble, Utah Representative Justin Fawson, and Utah Representative Norm Thurston, as well as from other sources. The investigation is ongoing.

“The Attorney General’s Office has focused its operation today on a large number of gambling devices that we allege are illegal under Utah statute,” said Utah Attorney General’s Office Investigations Chief Leo Lucey. “Because these devices are out in the open and are available to anyone, they present an especially dangerous threat to youth.”

“I appreciate the Attorney General’s office and the work they’ve done to address concerns that local law enforcement agencies brought to the attention of Representative Thurston and myself,” said Rep. Justin Fawson, District 7. “This was a coordinated effort between local law enforcement and the Attorney General’s office that resulted in bringing down an enterprise that was attempting to skirt the Utah gambling laws.”

“A question was raised whether coin pushers in local convenience stores were legal,” said Rep. Norm Thurston, District 64. “After learning the about the problems these machines create, it was made clear that statewide approach would be necessary to address this issue. Rep. Fawson and I appreciate the cooperation, hard work and response of the Attorney General’s office, investigators and agencies across the state to help resolve this issue.”

Utah law requires prosecutors and law enforcement to prosecute illegal gambling in Utah where ever it may be found. The Utah AGO takes this legislative mandate seriously and appreciates all of the various law enforcement agencies who have collaborated in this case. 

The following link contains clips that the media may use for purposes of their stories, if helpful. Click here for video. Click here for photography.


Utah AG Addresses the National Citizens Police Academy Conference on Role of Victims’ Advocates in Criminal Investigations and Prosecutions

AG Reyes and Chief Leo Lucey train National Citizens Police Academy Conference attendees on combating human trafficking through Investigation, legislation, prosecution and recovery

SALT LAKE CITY April 25, 2016 – Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes and Office of the Attorney General Chief of Law Enforcement, Leo Lucey, conducted training for attendees at the National Citizens Police Academy Conference about law enforcement’s role in combating human trafficking. The Attorney General and Chief Lucey emphasized the importance of embedding victims’ advocates with investigators and prosecutors to increase criminal prosecutions and prevent revictimization of victims.

“Because relationships are so important to fighting human trafficking, we work to embed victims’ advocates early in the investigation and prosecution processes,” said Attorney General Sean Reyes. “Additionally, we are working with legislators to aggressively develop stronger laws to bring more resources to support victims and prosecute human traffickers.”

Chief Lucey talked about the importance of embedding victims’ advocates within investigation and prosecution efforts, both to strengthen the process and to help levy resources to support victims.

“Because it crosses state lines, fighting human trafficking requires a lot of manpower and coordination. We want to do this right and we want to have success” said Chief Lucey. “Solutions have to be systemic to protect victims, who are often living in fear.”

“Whether it’s in Canada, Alaska, Florida, here in Utah, or across the United States, you and the rest of law enforcement are the front line,” said Attorney General Reyes. “You keep our families safe. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for what you do.”

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