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A night celebrating Utah Venezuelans

Last night, the Capitol transformed into a Venezuelan celebration of color and dance as members of the Venezuelan community came together from all over Utah. 

Attorney General Sean D. Reyes hosted the evening giving awards to individuals who’ve supported the Venezuelan community as well as contributed to the state in significant ways.

Community Support Awards were given to eight individuals who have been integral in helping the people of Venezuela here in Utah and back in their home country, without which there would have been little to no support.

Awardees included: Arlenys Dimond, Victor Pinilla-Coxe, Thomas Reams, Paola Rondon, Carlos Arteaga, Carlos Moreno, Jesler Molina, and Mayra Molina.

Media Humanitarian awards were given to four reporters for their support in coverage of Utah Venezuelans.

Awardees included: Marco Munoz and Silvana Effio for Telemundo, Cristina Flores for KUTV, and Lester Rojas for Univision.

Venezuelan Commendation Awards were given to thirty-six specific members of the Venezuelan for recognition of their courage and determination in coming to Utah. Basic rights often taken for granted by those who have grown up here, these individuals have left their homes seeking asylum and to secure the opportunity to live without fear as well as protect and support their families. 

It was a privilege for the AG’s Office to be a part of an excellent and fun evening.