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Child Abduction training drill

The first three hours after a child goes missing is critical. 

A well-trained response team can provide the support and hope needed in a moment of crisis. Which is why the AG’s Child Abduction Response Team (CART) hosted an activation drill yesterday to train and equip law enforcement in quick reaction time. Over 30 agencies across the state participated in the activation – the scenario? A young, autistic boy kidnapped from his school bus stop. Officials spent the morning interviewing witnesses, canvassing a “neighborhood” (graciously provided by Rio Tinto Stadium), and gathering any intel available to recover the young boy. 

A big shout out to all the law enforcement agencies who participated. Activations like this help solidify roles, responsibilities, and increase team efficiency — which is paramount because cases like this are handled by officials from multiple agencies.  

Here are a couple of reports re: yesterday’s activation. 

KUTV2: Utah Child Abduction Response Team hosts mock training for worst case scenarios

Univision: Simulacro de Rapto Infantil


You can find more information about the Utah CART team here.