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AG Reyes Addresses Immigration Crisis; Visits Border

August 12, 2022

“People’s lives are being exploited,” Utah Attorney General Sean D. Reyes said this week from the United States/Mexico border. It’s happening in Utah and across the nation.

General Reyes knows from his own experience in Utah, as the Utah Attorney General’s Office has become a leader in the fight against human trafficking and opioid addiction.  The level of human suffering is growing, not slowing down.  There is an urgency to find ways to solve the problem.

On a trip to the border near San Diego, Reyes joined California Congressional Representatives Darrell Issa and Michelle Steele to participate in this “eye opening” border tour.  All agree border and immigration policy need immediate attention.

“What happens here, ends up affecting Utah and all the other states,” Congressman Darrell Issa said this week.  “When we say every other state is a border state, from the standpoint of people dying from fentanyl, people dying from crime that is rising, some of it from gangs coming across the border, every state is a border state.”

The Utah Attorney General’s Office is fighting opioids both on the street and in court.  The Utah Trafficking in Persons Task Force arrests human traffickers and gives assistance to victims. The office works with federal and local agencies to tackle immigration-related issues, including those immigrants who are victimized by traffickers.  This trip will provide valuable information to the AGO, as the problem evolves and grows.

Watch news coverage of the border visit here.

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