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Laura Blanchard Tribute

December 30, 2022

We are saddened to learn of the Blanchard family’s loss and want to express our condolences. The Attorney General’s Office has been deeply honored to house the Children’s Justice Center (CJC) Program for almost 30 years, and there is truly no way to talk about the history of CJCs without talking about Laura and her tremendous legacy. She was instrumental in establishing the CJC model in Utah and helped forever change the way our state responds to child abuse.

While serving as the Utah County director she also pioneered several groundbreaking CJC innovations, including mental health services and forensic interview specialists. Laura was continually seeking
ways to improve the way the CJC served children-a commitment that did not end with retirement. At that time, she asked to remain on the State Advisory Board, where her experience and insight continued to inform CJC policy and practice. She was a beloved member of the CJC family and they are heartbroken over the loss of their colleague, mentor, and friend.

Laura served her community with distinction and sought attention for the issues she held dear-never for
herself. She did not have a forceful personality, but she was a force. She was a fierce champion for victims’ rights and deftly navigated the world of public policy. She counted many key legislators amongst her friends and supporters, and she was able to push successfully for laws that provided more protections for victims. She was also a highly respected member of the Utah Council on Victims, where she applied her expertise and passion to the Council’s critical mission of improving services for all victims.

As significant as her community contributions were, Laura was not defined by her life’s work. She loved her family first and foremost. A devoted daughter, wife, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, sister, and aunt, she cherished her loved ones above all else. While her retirement was a loss for the CJC, her colleagues fully supported her plans to spend more time with family. Her life is honored and remembered by those at the Utah Attorney General’s Office.