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New stats: Overdose deaths down 12% in Utah

The reality of the opioid and drug epidemic in Utah can seem daunting and bleak, but change is happening. Recently, Utah recorded a 12% decrease in overdose deaths from the past year, which is the nation’s second-largest drop. Targeted action by leaders across the state of Utah to raise awareness, educate, and improve access to resources and treatment is proving effective. 

“When we work together, we work best,” Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes said earlier this year. “There is hope. As devastating as this issue is, working together we can overcome and eradicate this threat from our communities.” 

Slowly, but surely.

Deseret News wrote about the findings, the cautious optimism of leaders, and state initiatives moving forward. Read the entire article here: Utah’s overdose deaths fall 12% despite nationwide surge

You can keep this trend going by learning more about opioids, treatment, and how to take action at Stop the Opidemic


Photo by Thought Catalog