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Title 42- Emergency Application for Stay

December 19, 2022

Utah Attorney General Sean D. Reyes applauds the United States Supreme Court’s ruling this week that stayed a lower court’s order terminating the Title 42 policy. The Supreme Court’s order effectively extends Title 42 until further notice.   

“I have visited the U.S.-Mexico border myself and witnessed the constant influx of migrants to this country,” Attorney General Reyes said. “There are between 7-thousand to 18-thousand unlawful crossings every day.  Without Title 42, it would worsen the chaos at our southern border.”

The Attorney General, on behalf of the State of Utah, joined a 19-state legal challenge led by Louisiana and Arizona, seeking to keep Title 42 measures in place. Despite calling the Title 42 measures “obsolete,” the Biden administration is seeking $3-4 billion in emergency funding to handle the border crisis that will result if Title 42 is terminated.

Title 42 was issued by the Trump administration during the COVID-19 pandemic to limit immigrants seeking to enter the United States unlawfully during a public health emergency. The States argued that the Biden administration was violating the Administrative Procedures Act in abandoning the rule and ending Title 42 will inflict enormous harms to the States.

Read the full brief:

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