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Sean D. Reyes
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Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes’ Pioneer Day Statement

SALT LAKE CITY July 24, 2016 – Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes issued the following Pioneer Day statement:

“Today we celebrate pioneer men, women and children who overcame tremendous political persecution, physical challenges and personal adversity to build a new life in the West and make the Utah desert blossom like a rose. As we commemorate the arrival of Mormon pioneers, we should also remember our Native American and Mexican brothers and sisters who had already been living in harmony with this land for generations.

“I hope we take time this weekend to honor other pioneers like the team led by Atanasio Domínguez and Silvestre Vélez de Escalante, Catholic priests who charted much of Utah on their expedition beginning in 1776.  From Chinese and Japanese railroad workers, Greek miners, Basque ranchers, Latino and African American families, Hawaiians and other Islanders, all the way to the most recent refugees, each of these groups and many others from around the world have been pioneers in their own right, opening doors in Utah while enriching our state.

“Let us celebrate all pioneers by reaching out to our neighbors with an arm of service and brotherhood to strengthen the ties that bind us together, regardless of our cultural, racial or religious backgrounds.  After nearly one hundred and seventy years, Utah is still the place, and if we can come together in cooperation and trust on the many  issues we have in common, Utah will continue to be a strong, prosperous state for generations to come.”

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