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Potential Dangers for Teens on Social Media

SALT LAKE CITY — Everyone likes to be online and surf, chat, and shop. But for young people, there are potential dangers that can be frightening and/or unexpected. Our office is observing a growing number of teens are putting themselves in danger by getting involved with strangers who pretend to be friendly but who are, in reality, dangerous. Young people may not be fully aware of the risk involved.

For teens: Be sure you know who you’re talking to online through apps or games. Don’t share information or pictures with someone you don’t know. Don’t agree to meet a person you don’t know in person. Talk to your parents/guardians if something scary starts happening.

For parents: Familiarize yourself with the apps you’re kids are using. Talk to your teens and let them share the events in their lives. Watch for a change in appearance or behavior like dropping grades or becoming more withdrawn/moody. Read the news article below.