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Preliminary Injunction for Federal Contractor Vaccine Mandate

SALT LAKE CITY — Today, the federal district court in Georgia issued a nationwide preliminary injunction in a case brought by seven states including Utah, halting enforcement of the government’s vaccine mandate for federal contractor employees. The court questioned whether the federal government has the statutory or constitutional authority to implement the mandate.

“The court’s decision today should be welcome news for the millions of federal contractor employees who deserve the peace of mind to keep their jobs and make important health decisions without unconstitutional government coercion,” said Utah Attorney General Sean D. Reyes.

“The courts had already granted us national injunctions on the vaccine mandates for private companies and for healthcare workers. Now, we have obtained a national injunction on the mandate for federal contractors. We are confident in our legal arguments for these cases if the Supreme Court decides to hear any or all of them. Again, this case is not about whether you should get a vaccine, it’s about whether you should be forced to get one.”

Last week, a Kentucky judge ordered a preliminary injunction in a similar case involving Kentucky, Ohio, and Tennessee. Also, the Biden Administration was compelled to halt vaccine and testing mandates for businesses with 100 or more employees. The U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans cited “serious constitutional concerns,” when it ordered enforcement of those requirements is put on hold.

Read the Order for Preliminary Injunction here.