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AG Reyes Fights Vaccine Mandate at Supreme Court

SALT LAKE CITY – Today, after weeks of preparation, Utah Attorney General Sean D. Reyes and Solicitor General Melissa Holyoak joined attorneys general from across the United States in taking the OSHA and CMS Vaccine Mandate cases to the United States Supreme Court. The Court is examining whether mandates for employers of more than 100 people as well as for healthcare workers are unconstitutional.

“We all want to protect our family, neighbors, and co-workers. In fact, Utah leaders have encouraged vaccines. But, forcing vaccines on workers through mandates is improper and represents federal executive overreach at its worst,” said Attorney General Reyes. 

“We have heard the urgent pleas of an overwhelming majority of Utahns to oppose these mandates. My team and I have worked hard on our Supreme Court case for an immediate stay and eventual ruling on the merits that the mandates are unconstitutional, AG Reyes added.”

The two cases that the Supreme Court heard today Ohio v. Dept. of Labor, No. 21A244, and Biden v. Missouri, No. 24A240.