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Public Lands

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During the 2012 General Session, the Utah Legislature passed H.B. 148, “Transfer of Public Lands Act and Related Study,” in an effort to develop a new model for public land management and use. The study has now been completed. You can read more about it here.

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R.S. 2477: Roads Litigation

R.S. 2477: Frequently Asked Questions

Members of the public who used the roads prior to 1976 (in some cases 1966) are urged to offer testimony by contacting local county officials or by emailing

Utah’s Public Lands Policy Coordination Office (PLPCO) is part of the Governor’s office along with Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice, Office of the Governor’s Spouse, Office of Planning and Budget, and Utah Commission on Aging. We also staff Resource Development Coordinating Committee, which is a part of the Governor’s Office of Planning and Budget.

Development and Coordination of Policy Initiatives

Resource Development Coordinating Committee (RDCC)

  • WE OVERSEE AND STAFF the Resource Development Coordinating Committee responsible for commenting on development and conservation proposals on Utah’s public lands. Check the RDCC current work on Endangered Species Act listings.

Constitutional Defense Council (CDC)

  • WE PROVIDE RESEARCH AND ADMINISTRATIVE SUPPORT to the Constitutional Defense Council that advises the Governor and the Legislature on federal intrusion into matters reserved to the states.


  • WE DEFEND the State’s policies and interests on public lands by providing research, staff, and litigation support to the Attorney General’s Office. We are currently involved in the R.S. 2477 road cases, litigation against environmental groups’ challenge to the Bureau of Land Management’s Resource Management Plans, and rangeland health lawsuit WWP v. Pool.


  • WE WORK TO PRESERVE thousands of archaeological sites located on Utah’s public lands. We coordinate preservation of our archaeological heritage with other state and federal agencies. We also issue permits to regulate proper survey and excavation of archeological resources.

State Planning Coordinator

  • WE COOPERATE WITH THE STATE PLANNING COORDINATOR to develop policies, plans, programs, and processes related to the state planning coordinator’s duties. The state planning coordinator acts as the Governor’s adviser on state, regional, metropolitan, and local governmental planning matters relating to public improvements and land use. See Utah Code § 63J-4-401 for a complete list of duties.