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Utah Prosecution Council

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The purpose of the organization [Utah Prosecution Council and the Statewide Association of Public Attorneys using their combined efforts] is to effectively and accurately represent and advocate the interests of public attorneys; to enhance and facilitate communication and coordination within the organization and with other entities; to provide quality, relevant training through full participation of all members with an exchange of information and experience; to coordinate programs among public attorneys to assist all members to better perform their duties.


A. To be respected
Action Steps

  • Strive to deliver a “quality product”
  • Prosecutors’ offices should be staffed with experienced and well-trained staff members who receive appropriate compensation
  • “Pick our battles” and pursue a consistent, statewide approach
  • Take a more active part in the Utah State Bar

B. Facilitate communication
Action Steps

  • Establish and maintain a brief bank; issue position papers stating the members’ positions on issues of concern to public attorneys; organize and maintain an ordinance and forms bank
  • Create a computer network linking all offices
  • Implement regional exchanges of information and assistance
  • Facilitate professional and social interaction between public attorneys

C. Accurately and adequately represent and express the views of the members
Action Steps

  • Actively pursue the legislative aims of the members; regularly meet with regional representatives chosen by members in the various regions of the state; disseminate position papers to other agencies, the press and the public; poll members from time to time to accurately determine their positions on various topics (consensus)
  • Meet regularly with other law enforcement organizations; be proactive relative to other organizations–actively approaching them for purposes of establishing common grounds; join and associate with other organizations and groups
  • Sponsor an annual legislative forum where public attorneys and associated public agencies can formulate a coordinated legislative strategy

D. Facilitate appropriate and timely training
Action Steps

  • Actively seek out and use highly qualified training presenters
  • Maintain the present “no tuition” policy at training conferences
  • Organize regional training, thereby reducing members’ travel costs and time away from the office
  • Do a training needs assessment of the members
  • Require meaningful handouts from presenters

E. Facilitate member participation
Action Steps

  • Positions to be decided by a vote of all members
  • Pursue regular contact with less active members by officers, staff and by active members, thereby encouraging full participation by all members
  • Ask members to serve on ad hoc committees
  • Provide for and actively seek involvement from deputies and assistants
  • Provide for regular rotation of leadership