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Sean D. Reyes
Utah Office of the Attorney General
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Statement From Utah’s Attorney General on Abortion Trigger Law Oral Arguments

Today, the Utah Supreme Court listened to oral arguments from the State of Utah, appealing an earlier-imposed preliminary injunction over Senate Bill 174, or the so-called “Abortion Trigger Law.”

Attorney General Sean D. Reyes stated, “The U.S Supreme Court returned the question of abortion to the state legislature. Oral argument today before the Utah Supreme Court grappled with the legislature’s ability to answer those important questions. We presented the best and most persuasive arguments on why the district court wrongly enjoined enforcement of SB174.

“We commend our counsel for her oral argument today and fine legal advocacy on behalf of the most vulnerable. The final decision is now in the hands of the Court. We hope and encourage all who are interested in these difficult questions to respect the legal process.”