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Constitution Day 2016: AG Reyes Lauds Constitution’s Guarantee of Individual Freedoms

SALT LAKE CITY September 16, 2016 – On Constitution Day 2016, Attorney General Sean D. Reyes lauds the United States’ Constitution’s  timeless applicability and protection of individual freedoms:

“The US Constitution was written at a time when our country was small and the fastest mode of transportation was a horse or ship. But the Constitution has maintained great significance through our history, from world wars and a civil war, and the invention of the automobile and discovery of flight to the development of the internet, cell phones and GPS maps.

“The Constitution continues to protect us today, guaranteeing individual freedoms, such as the right to speak freely, to worship, and to gather, as well as enumerating the powers and duties of Congress, the President and judges and the relationship between the states and national government.

“It is an inspired document, and though it has been amended 27 times, it is no less important now than it was when it was when written two hundred years ago. I hope our generation and future generations will continue to study it, understand it and come to cherish it as much as I have.”

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