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Human Trafficking 101: How to Recognize / How to Report.

January 25, 2019

In a lunchtime discussion this week, professionals from varying backgrounds shared their knowledge and expertise on the human trafficking industry and what people can do to recognize the common signs and report them. (See our previous post for a quick list.)

Listen in here:

Among the panelists were an Assistant Attorney General from the SECURE Strike Force, a Supervisory Special Agent from the SECURE Strike Force, a Trafficking in Persons Director, an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, and a human trafficking survivor.

The panel focused on the basics – what is human trafficking, how to recognize it, and how to report it. The panelists shared their insights influenced by their medical, legal, law enforcement, and personal backgrounds. Each had a gripping understanding of the horrors of human trafficking and shared how an average person can help combat this industry.

The panelists urged the audience to have kindness, seek out training, support legislators as they make and pass laws to combat human trafficking, and to simply become aware of how prevalent human trafficking is – even in Utah.

Here’s the Facebook Live video – please share with friends, and help end this crime.