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Remembering International Holocaust Day

On this International Holocaust Remembrance Day, Attorney General Sean D. Reyes and the Utah Attorney General’s Office remember the horrific acts committed against the Jewish People during this period in world history.

Americans, and so many around the world, said that we would never forget, and that the murder of six million Jews would never happen again. Over the years, we have reminded ourselves of what took place across Europe around World War II to refresh our memory and resolve to stand against evil wherever it exists, in whatever form it takes. We have educated our children and grandchildren about the Holocaust, instilling in new generations the importance of watching for and opposing any semblance of this evil – especially when it comes to the Jewish people. 

Tragically, this past year, the world watched as the Jewish people again came under attack, this time at the hands of terrorists who sought to bring immense suffering and destruction to Israeli communities. On October 7, innocent men, women and children suffered unspeakable acts of violence, torture and murder. Since this day, though, we have seen, yet again, the hope and resolve of the Jewish people, as they have risen to rebuild their communities and lives, and to eradicate hatred from their doorsteps. 

After the events of October 7, General Reyes led a letter with a coalition of attorneys general to President Joe Biden and congressional leaders, urging the federal government to prioritize and provide financial and humanitarian assistance to Israel after the Hamas terrorist attacks.

In their letter, the attorneys general wrote:

The atrocities in Israel from a month ago prove, yet again, and perhaps more so than at any time since WWII, that the United States of America must stand with unwavering, unbending, and unrelenting support for the Jewish people during their great time of need. Israel must be supported through her efforts to protect herself from terror, and our nation must lead by example to show the world that America will not leave Israel’s side until this war is completed and her citizens can live in peace.

Read the letter here.