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Visiting Utah’s Newest Children’s Justice Center (CJC)

The Children’s Justice Center in Park City, Summit County, is the newest of Utah’s 26 centers dedicated to serving victimized children across the state of Utah.

Violent crimes such as domestic or sexual abuse are always horrible, but these crimes become even much more abhorrent when they are committed against a child. Unfortunately, children are victims of violent and sexual crimes every day, and when they happen, the Utah Attorney General’s Office is ready to do everything it can to help.

The Utah Attorney General’s office plays an important role in establishing and maintaining facilities, known as Children’s Justice Centers (CJCs), throughout the state in almost every county in Utah. These centers exist to serve as a sanctuary for children who have been the victims of domestic or sexual assault. When a child is a victim of crimes like these, they can be taken to a Children’s Justice Center for treatment, to receive medical care, and receive counseling services. This is far better than taking victims to the intense environment of a police station. All CJCs work in conjunction with state attorneys and state investigators to review the cases in question and protect children.

On Tuesday, April 6, Attorney General Sean D. Reyes had the opportunity to visit Utah’s newest Children’s Justice Center. The facility, which was recently completed in Park City to serve Summit County, is the 26th such center located in the state. The building was constructed with state funds together with the help of several donors, and will now be able to serve child victims in its community.

The Park City facility is full of several attractive, comfortable, and modern spaces to do all it can to assist child victims and their families. A staff of therapists, attorneys, and investigators work in conjunction with the state and county to solve these difficult cases and provide the necessary care to the children in question. Some special features of the Park City CJC include its comfortable counseling rooms, which comes equipped with a therapy dog to help children to relax and open up. The facility also has an examination room, a large meeting/training room, a quaint living room, and great outdoor spaces to provide a comfortable and secure location for all child victims receiving assistance.

We are grateful and lucky to have these centers as a resource here in Utah. Through the hard work of CJC staff, children across the state will navigate and recover from their difficult circumstances. To learn more about the Utah Children’s Justice Centers, or to seek out their services, please visit