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CASE Arrests Women for Multiple Organized Retail Thefts

Over the weekend, the Utah AGO CASE Task Force arrested two women suspected of large retail thefts from stores throughout northern Utah. The women are suspected of theft from five stores in three counties. Charges are pending.

Surveillance video in one of the cases shows the women walking out of a Home Depot Store in Sandy with at least $5,000 worth of circuit breakers. The robberies are just one example of the large number of organized retail thefts occurring in Utah and across the country, where thieves walk out of stores with shopping carts loaded with valuables.

A Sandy City police officer observed the nature of this crime and notified the Crimes Against Statewide Economy division of the Attorney General’s Office. Both women appear to be from Romania, and ICE agents are investigating.

This topic was featured on KUTV News in Women arrested in organized retail theft crime ring suspected of being from out of country