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Sean D. Reyes
Utah Office of the Attorney General
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Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes Recounts Asian American Pacific Islander Contributions and Sacrifice on behalf of the United States of America

SALT LAKE CITY — During Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, Utah Attorney General Reyes recounts his own family connection and the many contributions and sacrifices the AAPI community has bestowed on the United States of America in the following statement:

“The Asian Pacific American (APA) Community has contributed in so many significant ways to the strength and exceptionalism of America. For example, the APA work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit have yielded tremendous business success. Whether in small shops, large boardrooms, restaurants or startup ventures, Asian Pacific Americans have generated great economic wealth and opportunity for all Americans.

In fields as diverse as academia, medicine, law, engineering and in so many other professional endeavors, APAs have overachieved. Their impact is abundantly evident in music and the arts, cuisine, culture, sports and so much else of what makes us uniquely American.”

“As an APA myself, and a second generation American, I honor my ancestors, my elders and the pioneers of the APA community for their sacrifice in coming to this country, serving and building-up these United States and creating more opportunities for me and the next generations to live the American dream.

However, too many stories of sacrifice and service by the APA community still remain unheard. Too few people know stories surrounding the Chinese Exclusion Act or forgotten Filipino War Veterans. Few understand the depths of humiliation and economic damage suffered by wrongfully incarcerated Japanese Americans during WWII.”

“Having done nothing wrong and loyal to our flag, many Japanese Americans were sent to internment camps and had their businesses and property confiscated by the federal government simply because of their ancestry; this while their sons fought in the US Military for the country they loved.”

“As we celebrate all that APAs have given and continue to contribute to America, I hope we take time to better educate each other about the reality of these injustices, as well as those that are occurring more often in 2021.”

You can find more information on the Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month here: