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Honoring our Veterans on Veterans Day 2019

November 11, 2019

On this Veteran’s Day, we at the Utah Attorney General’s Office express our deepest gratitude to all our veterans. We honor those brave men and women who have served through hardships and sacrifice, who courageously fought for our nation to protect our rights and freedoms. We mourn for those who made the ultimate sacrifice and we offer our greatest condolences to those that have lost their loved ones.

Today we say thank you. Thank you to all who have served in uniform, both overseas and on American soil, for sacrificing both on duty and upon returning home. We express our gratitude to the families of veterans who gave up their loved one for long periods of deployment.

We would like to emphasis Utah@EASE, a referral program led by the Utah Attorney General’s Office that finds volunteer attorneys to provide pro bono services for veterans and servicemembers. For more information about this initiative, go here.  

We honor our wounded warriors, those missing in action, those who have fallen, those that continue to serve, and those that have retired from service. We encourage you to commemorate our veterans this day and every day.