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AG Reyes helps launch One Heart Project-Utah

Utah Attorney General Sean D. Reyes had an opportunity to help launch the new One Heart Project – Utah apprenticeship program. Through the partnership of Utah Home Builder Association – Hamlet Homes, the program helps transition at-risk youth out of the criminal justice system by providing practical skills to re-enter the community and workforce.

From Utah Business: Hamlet Homes is Proud to Support One Heart Project in a New Framing Training Accreditation Initiative

It was an inspirational and empowering time for the young men, the Pilot Pioneers of the new Utah initiative. Alongside Speaker Greg Hughes and Hamlet Homes CEO Barry Gittleman, AG Reyes had a chance to challenge the young men to:

“…make most of second chances, own their past but don’t let it define them; don’t blame circumstances, but take responsibility; be grateful, not entitled; find opportunity in adversity; ignore jealous haters; find something productive they are so passionate about they would not risk losing it; lift others and forget revenge; worry about character and not reputation; know they have potential, greatness, and brilliance in them; and realize they have a whole support network (counselors, family, One Heart mentors) that care about them!”

There were 30 young men in attendance and another 15 community members to support the six young men who will be the first to walk through this program.

Burgess Owens, Executive Director for One Heart Project – Utah, said the following after the event: 

“This was probably the first time these young men have received this type of positive encouragement from so many in positions that they respect. They understand how their actions and success will impact the One Heart program and others coming behind them and are absolutely pumped to get started. A young man who did not qualify to be one of the pioneers approached me afterwards and thanked me… stating that he’s looked forward to participating.”

That’s a win for all.

Photo by Cole Patrick