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SECURE Strike Force

SECURE Strike Force

(Statewide Enforcement of Crimes by Undocumented REsidents)

Established: 2009 Utah State Legislature

Co-sponsors: Utah House Majority Leader Brad L. Dee and State Senator Scott K. Jenkins

The Utah Attorney General’s Office administers and coordinates the SECURE Strike Force partnership with the Utah Department of Public Safety and county, federal and city law enforcement agencies to combat violent and other major felony crimes associated with illegal immigration and human trafficking.

The mission of the Utah Attorney General SECURE Strike Force is to carefully target major fraud, organized gun, drug and human trafficking, detect creation of fraudulent government identification and other documents, and prosecute these crimes with specialized investigators and resources and a dedicated Assistant Attorney General prosecutor.

The SECURE Strike Force has stopped major organized crime groups that previously operated anonymously in the community and has stemmed the flow of illegal weapons into Utah communities from Mexico. Utah communities are much safer. Undercover operations regularly conducted result in arrests and closing fraudulent document mills in Utah and human, drug and gun trafficking by undocumented aliens. The ripple effect from seizing thousands of fraudulent identification documents is directly seen in the guns and drugs seized, the organized crime leaders arrested, and in preventing the frauds that would have been committed if those several thousand fraudulent documents were allowed to hit the streets in Utah’s towns and cities. ID mills severely harm Utah’s economy. The misuse of Social Security numbers adversely affects the true owner’s credit. If a credit line is established with a fraudulent identification document, the financial institution becomes a fraud victim.

Each year, the SECURE Strike Force investigates and prosecutes hundreds of felony cases against high profile human trafficking organizations, national and international spice organizations, the illegal distribution of smuggled prescription drugs, some of the largest counterfeit CD and movie criminal enterprises in the nation, sex trafficking rings and identity fraud mills. The success of the strike force is built on a multi- agency integrative approach where several embedded agencies work with applicable local, state and federal agencies on case specifics.

SECURE Strike Force also provides training for agencies throughout the year and under the Utah Attorney General hosts UTIP (Utah Trafficking In Persons Task Force) comprised of local, state and federal law enforcement professionals, state and federal prosecutors, health and human service organizations, social service providers, the Utah Division of Workforce Services, Unified Fire and many non-profit and private resources.

The strike force is open to participation from any local, state or federal law enforcement agency.