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Organized Retail Crime Association Conference & Awards

March 14, 2023

Today, at the Utah Organized Retail Crime Association (UTORCA) annual conference, Utah Attorney General Sean D. Reyes congratulated members of his law enforcement team for the Partners of the Year leadership awards they received in their anti-theft efforts. The AG’s office is the first in the nation to actively fight against Organized Retail Crime (ORC) in Utah.  ORC is a multibillion problem for retailers, who are constantly experience losses to groups and individuals who blatantly steal loads of merchandise from stores. 

Utah is the first in the nation to create its Crimes Against Statewide Economy (CASE) task force, which focuses on crimes like this.  The AG’s office has developed cooperative relationships with retailers like Home Depot, Lowes, Target, Walgreens, Burlington, Costco, Wal Mart to ultimately catch and punish those who harm the economy with this theft. 

“As leaders in combatting ORC, (Utah has) a responsibility to continue to lead other states and educate them about these crimes,” Attorney General Reyes said.  “While ORC is climbing in most states, Utah has plateaued, and we’ve started to make a dent.  I’ve had the privilege of working to reduce the ways these crimes have an effect on consumers and on the community at large.”

Dan Burton, the General Counsel for the AG’s Office, was recognized with an award at the UTORCA event for providing valuable leadership, working with the Legislature to secure on-going funding for Utah’s CASE unit, under Reyes’ direction.

“We wouldn’t have a CASE unit in Utah if it weren’t for General Reyes,” Brian Marvin or Home Depot said.  “We now have similar united in 14 other states, who are only starting to deal with ORC. So Utah is the only state benefitting from their work in investigating these costly crimes.”

Awards Won:

Justice Division’s Special Prosecutions – UTORCA Partner of the Year: Janise Macanas, Craig Peterson, Steven Wuthrich, Brian Namba

ORC Case of the Year- Janise Macanas, Sgt Jeff Plank, Home Depot Investigator Terry Pruse

UTORCA Leadership- Dan Burton

Law Enforcement Investigator of the Year- Carson Butler (West Jordan PD) AGO CASE Task Force Officer

Distinguished Service Award- Steve Jensen (Taylorsville PD) AGO CASE Task Force Officer

More information about CASE and ORC: