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National Overdose Prevention Day 2021

Today – August 31, 2021 – is National Overdose Prevention Day.

Fighting the Opioid Crisis in Utah is one of the focuses of the AG’s Office, and we work daily to prevent overdose and to assist individuals struggling with substance abuse.

One of the ways the AG’s Office fights the spread of opioids is by overseeing the Utah Opioid Task Force, which works in conjunction with Utah Naloxone and others in this effort. Naloxone is a very safe medication that reverses an opioid overdose if given in time to the individual who has experienced the overdose. Quick access to Naloxone saves lives.

In fact, in an August 2021 press release by Utah Naloxone details that “more than 500 people in Utah are alive” today thanks to the efforts of law enforcement officers and other trained professionals who administer Naloxone to those in need. The release references the recent efforts of the Lehi City Policy Department, which began equipping their officers with Naloxone in December 2020. This recent change has already resulted in officers administering Naloxone to save lives in 7 separate incidents. We are proud of these officers for demonstrating what it looks like to save lives and prevent opioid overdose using Naloxone.

As we observe National Overdose Prevention Day today, we also celebrate the victories we continue to experience in the opioid crisis. In addition, we mourn the loss of any life due to opioid overdose, and vow to do all we can to save as many lives as possible.

To learn more about how the Utah Opioid Task Force is addressing the Utah Opioid Crisis, please visit this link.

To read more about the 500 Utah lives saved by using Naloxone, please read this KSL article.

To read about the recent settlement with Opioid manufacturing and distribution companies, please visit this article.