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Utah Attorney General
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Sean D. Reyes
Utah Office of the Attorney General
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Statement: AG Reyes on EPA 111(d)

“We all want better air quality and a healthy environment for our families and future generations but not by bypassing Congress, violating the Clean Air Act, ignoring meaningful input by the States and mandating limits that will drastically increase energy costs and put thousands of already suffering Americans out of work. We can embrace a future that includes robust clean energy sources without killing the coal industry, which seems to be a goal of this administration.

A complex rule with such wide-reaching implications, such as the EPA’s 111(d), merits serious review and analysis.  For this reason, Utah’s Attorney General has joined West Virginia and over a dozen other states to request a stay of implementation of the rule to allow time to evaluate its implications and consider litigation as to its legality.”

– Attorney General Sean D. Reyes