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Attorney General’s Office Statement on the Passing of Allyson Gamble

December 5, 2020

Today, the Utah Attorney General’s Office released the following statement on the passing of Allyson Gamble:

With heavy hearts, we note the passing of our friend and colleague, Allyson Gamble.  Allyson devoted her professional life to caring for the Utah State Capitol, first as an information officer and then as the director of the Capitol Preservation Board.  She dedicated herself to the belief that the Utah Capitol is the People’s House — a monument to our democratic republic — where the people own their government and not the other way around.

Tonight, our hearts are with Jim, Ben, and her devoted circle of family and friends.  We encourage all to keep them in your prayers, to take a moment to honor the life of this exceptional public servant, and remember the work to which she was dedicated.  To Allyson, the capitol was sacred space where our system of balanced government was clearly charted – not just in the founding documents but in the granite and marble of the architecture itself.  In addition to maintaining the capitol for essential government work, she fostered an atmosphere where all visitors – families, wedding parties, officials from all over the globe, and busses full of tourists and school children – felt welcomed and edified by every visit.  We’ll miss her dearly.

Hardworking and resilient, Allyson was an example and a blessing to all who knew her. The outpouring of public comments on her passing are a testament to the many lives she touched within the corridors of power and out.  Her absence will be felt for generations, as will the impact of her good work done on behalf of each citizen of the State of Utah.